Life with bunnies -how to survive with them!

How is life with bunnies?

Life with bunnies: There are many misconceptions about bunnies and how you should treat them, so why not share how life with bunnies really is. I’m so glad that people, including me, are more enlightened these days on how to take the best possible care of their pets.

life with bunnies


Petting a bunny (almost true)
Petting a bunny (almost true)

Usually when you think of rabbits, you think of children and an outdoor cage in the garden. But life with bunnies is so much more! This is still normal (the outdoor cages), and nothing wrong about it. But if you think a bunny is happy just spending it’s life in a cage, you are very wrong. Would a cat like it? A dog? No. Then why should a bunny? It belongs out in nature just like all the other animals.

I have two bunnies, the first one that I got was Lucy Buster (girl) in October 2009. I wanted a pet, and so I thought a bunny would be an easy choice. Also, the baby bunnies looked so cute in the pet shop. I didn’t know anything about bunnies. At all. Except they were cute, could jump, and of course liked carrots.

So how is «Life with Bunnies»

It didn’t take long in my life with bunnies to realise that I needed more information about bunnies, than the fact they are ever so adorable. I needed to know, how big their cage should be, about their diet and needs, and how safe it was to let it jump around in my appartment while I was at work or sleeping. I was very surprised when I first got to know Buster (I just call her that). She was curious, friendly and a very shy. Especially to strangers (she still is).

Buster was a model for the norwegian fashion magazine "Henne" in 2011
Buster was a model for the norwegian fashion magazine «Henne» in 2011

After 6 months, I felt bad about leaving her alone while I was at work and beeing social, so I decided to adopt another rabbit. My choice was Alvin, a really active and misbehaved boy. They instantely liked each other and became the best of friends. I could leave for work without feeling sorry for either of them. They had each other to keep company.

Living with bunnies jumping around in the flat and sleeping with you in bed might seem strange to some people. They follow you to the kitchen in hope of a bite of an apple. They are curious when you bring new objects inside the door. In other words, they are very much present in what’s happening at home.

The birthday Salad is very popular!
The birthday Salad is very popular!

There are a few questions I’ve heard people are asking me again and again, when they learn I have bunnies. And I wanted just to share my usual replies. 

1. Aren’t you affraid they will pee and poo all over the place?

No. You very quickly learn that bunnies are very clean, and they jump in their cage (which is always open) when they need to do number 1 or number 2. They are like cats, very well behaved when it comes to this. Most of the time…

2. Do they ruin furniture and wires?

Furnitures usually no, but like any pet there are things you should be aware of and pay attention to. Don’t leave your Jimmy Choos on the floor, just in case. Be careful what you place on your coffey table, because they might knock it down. About wires, it must be hidden from the bunnies, but it’s not that difficult to do, thank goodness.

 3. Do they have personalities?

Alvin can be very lazy during daytime
Alvin can be very lazy during daytime

Of course, all living creatures have personalities. Buster is a bit more affraid and shy, also she’s more brighter (no offense Alvin). Alvin is more of a daredevil, he is funny and will do anything for food. I mean anything! When I see them together it’s easy to see how different they are, and also how they adopt different habits from each other.

4. Are they very active?

Yes and no. They very active in the morning and evening. During the day and night they usually eat and sleep, and that’s it. If they are indoors, like mine, make sure you take time as much as possible to, to walk them outside. They really love it!

Buster is allert!
Buster is alert!

5. Do you love them just as much as you’ve loved previous cats and dogs?

Love my bunnies
Love my bunnies

Yes! Why shouldn’t I? They are just as amazing, fun and loving to be around. I never understood this question, why wouldn’t a bunny be just as precious to me as your cat is to you?

6. Do they jump on the sofa on their own?

Uhmm believe it or not, bunnies do jump (I thought that was one of the things they were known for). Sometimes very high. I woke up one night as Alvin jumped on the piano, I was so scared when that happened, but I should’ve known better. Even the sofa, tables and bed ain’t safe, they will get there some way or another.

Who says it's your bed?
Who says it’s your bed?

Bunnies are truly fun animals to have, but like any other pets, you must be up for the job. Life with bunnies is work, you must always pay attention (in case they might be sick, they hide it well), you must have time to be with them, it’s not only food and water they need, but also a bit of TLC.

Read about Animal Welfare here>>>

Alvin at Christmas in 2012
Alvin at Christmas in 2012

I’ve never regretted the day I decided to get a bunny.

But I sometimes my spend time looking for them
But I sometimes my spend time looking for them
Buster is a cooler driver than Barbie
Buster is a cooler driver than Barbie
Alvin can't stay away from my piano
Alvin can’t stay away from my piano
Button as a baby

Update on Life with Bunnies:

After I wrote this article there’s been two new additions to our bunny family. I’ve got my boyfriend addicted to bunnies too (yay for that), so we got Button in July 2016 and Blue in June 2017.

Button is like a little dog, following us everywhere. She sits in the window like a cat (she’s a mix between a dog and cat, but still remembers to bunny) and is super crazy about food. I thought Alvin was bad, but she is much worse. She even stole my friends cat food.

Blue is a nederthland dwarf, she is shy, but very playful. You are welcome to follow us on Instagram, The Bunny Family.

They are all so different, but they all bring so much joy in their own way. Rabbits are the best.

Have any questions about bunnies?

Buster, Alvin and Button together