5 ways to gorgeous skin

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Okay, so some if these advices might be obvious, but so are the secrets to a beautiful skin.

1. Use the right skincare products.

Does this look simple? Beacuse it really ain’t, finding the perfect skincare products require either luck or knowledge. You most know what type of skin you have, if your skin actually is dry and you use products for oily skin you will most likely rash out, say hello to pimples and black heads. Therefor, using the products suiteable for your skin is alpha and omega.

2. Watch the ingredients.

Yeah, so another thing you most think of when you buy a product, what’s in it? Start «googling» all the ingredients in your day cream and you might be in for a surprise. Personally I always stay away from products with mineral oil. Why? Read this article.

3. Drink more water.

Our skin contains a lot of water and needs refill. It’s not enought drinking soda that contains a lot of water. We need pure H2O. Just after a couple of weeks you’ll see a huge difference in your skin.

4. Be careful of the sun

People who don’t use sun protection most be crazy! Do you know how hurtful, and at times how dangerous the sun can be to your skin? Skin cancer is one very important reason to start using this, another is you’ll age faster. Much faster. Enjoy the sun and be outside, but with precaution.

5. Get enough sleep

Most people need 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Some might even need more. When we don’t get enough sleep it’s very visible on our skin. The colour fades more away, some get bags under the eyes and you just miss that special glow. Also, make sure you’re not to stressed out. Body and mind are linked.

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