Torvehallerne is the biggest food market in Copenhagen, and one can easily spend hours just looking at food here.

Every week more than 60.000 people visit the market and there are more than 60 different stalls, selling food of the highest quality. And I mean highest quality. You’ll find French croissants, many rare delicaties, chocolates, exotic spices and locally grown vegetables.

This marketplace  focus on diversity and the opportunity to taste seasonal products and rarities from all over the world. There are always talented professionals behind the counter, and they love to share their knowledge and passion for the food they sell. The keywords are quality, freshness and a direct contact between traders and producers. So what’s not to love about his place?

Just the oils and vinegars alone is amazing, who knew you could by Champagne vinegar? You can also buy organic soaps and skincare, that’s skin food so still legit!

So if you like food, and happen to be in Copenhagen, you should visit Torvehallerne!

I like what I see
Soap bars and cup cakes
So charming and rustique
Let them eat cake! -Okay!
Fudge in so many flavours
Olives in many colours
I loved this shelf, I’, almost addicted to oils!
Hello chocolate, you are my best friend!
Dispenser oils! Really like this idea
Say cheese! (I know that was lame, but I had to)



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