Need Help With Clutter? Here’s how you do it!

need help with clutter

Need Help With Clutter?

Well, you’re not alone. Just search the word «clutter» in Google and you’ll find over 58 700 000 articles. We’ve gained more and more stuff since the 1950s, and it doesn’t seem to stop. We’ve becomed hoarders, we’re trashing our stuff everywhere, and even our homes are now crowded. So how do we get rid of it? How do we declutter our life?

Want to create the home of your dreams?

You may not afford the most expensive design or the house of your dreams. Most of us will compromise on these issues more than once in life… I love to visit others and see how beautiful their homes are, but most of all, a fun space that reflects who you are. When they tell me how they all did it on a tiny budget -love it!

Like how my friend Anniken redid her home office. But again, not all of us can afford the house of your dreams. Therefor one thing we can do something about to make our homes more beautiful -remove all clutter! So how can you create the home of your dreams without spending any money? Tidy it up!

Here’s Anniken’s new home office

The facts of Clutter -and why you should declutter

One thing we all can do, no matter how much money you got (or not), is keeping your home clean and tidy. No mess, no old dirt, an unclean house is pretty much revolting to anyone. Not to mention clutter, clutter is bad for your health, creativity and productivity. I’m not exaggerating.

Did you know that clutter can:

  • Increas Stress?
  • Trigger respotory issues?
  • Isolate you?
  • Encourage bad habits?
  • Make you sick?
  • Keep you in debt?
  • Affect your love life?
  • Affect you work?
  • Upset you kids?
  • Make you depressed?

Really, there is no good reason in the whole, wide World why you should keep clutter in your house –or in your life! Clutter is the arch enemy of any home. And this villain really gets me really depressed if I don’t do anything –fast!

My Story with Clutter

Since I was 5 I’ve been cleaning “messy” homes. Think I’m kidding? I wish, I was without a doubt a strange child. But yes, clutter already started to get to me. I’ve always tidyed my grandmothers house (especially her cabinets), I loved her and I don’t mean to speak ill of the dead, but the woman was messy.

Now it’s out there. Bookshelfs, closets and cabinets have always been clean in my presence. I most also mention, she loved having me over when I cleaned her home.

Sometimes I even started fixing other peoples shelfs and cabinets. (Don’t do that unless you’ve been asked to, that might embaress and upset others). Luckily the ones I’ve done it to have just laughed at my decluttering/OCD.

Enough about you, how can I declutter my home? So glad you asked. The most effective way is to throw/give your things away. We humans are sometimes way to sentimental about material Things, but really there is no need.

Throw it Away

We want to keep everything, because of the memories. I started to declutter my things the first time when I was 11 and looked at my packed away boxes in the basement. there was a lot of toys I didn’t need anymore, and away they were.

Same thing happened when I was 16, and this time I was really effective, I kept one of my favourite Barbies, the rest was out (and I had a lot of Barbie Dolls). I did that with every toy, I kept a few that meant a lot to me, and the rest ended up in the container.

Use small boxes to hide away clutter

Ever since I’ve had a tradition with throwing and declutter my things twice a year. You’ll get suprised how much new items there is to throw out each time. And actually it’s fun.

5 Ways to help you get rid of clutter

1.Don’t have more than you need

I love decor, and I’m such an easy target at the shops. If it’s beautiful, I want it. Even though I want it, and think it would really make my day, I stop myself and think if I need it. Really. Often I realise this will just add up to more decor, and leave it be.

2. Replace the old with the new

Okay, so let’s say I did convince myself I really needed that vase.  When I add something new into my house, something else needs to go. Not always easy to follow, but what I’ve learned to love is to sell and donate items. Someones trash is anothers treasure, and it feels good to sell or donate your stuff.

3. Store things where you use them

Keep the things you where you use them, don’t be «smart» and have kitchen items in the basement. Of course we need to store some of our things away, like Christmas decorations etc.
But try to live by a «no storage» rule. At least as little as possible.

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4. Go digital

Remember the time before we went digital? In my chidhood I remember my parents had lots of paper everywhere, cd’s, dvd’s -you name it.

I miss somethings about the good old days, but the clutter is not one of them. When you go more digital, you’ll save a lot of space. Streaming saved many homes. So if you can live more digital, do it.

5. Think minimalistic

I am not a minimalist, I wish I was. I love minimalisme, but it’s just too few items for my home. I love decor and personlized items, so I can’t live minimalistic, but I can think more minimalistic. And I do.

Clean surfaces, not cabinets and closets crowded with clutter. I always try to find new was to store my stuff smarter and more minimalistic.

Get right to it!

So if you need help with clutter, try to work one room at a time. Find out 1) what you can throw away, 2)what you can sell/donate and 3)what you want to keep. Don’t be too sentimental, do not be affraid to get rid of your clutter. Be honest with yourself, do you really need this?

Now let’s get that clutter away! Need help With clutter

Need help With clutter