Reuse Cookie Tin Box

Re-use Cookie Tin Box -Bring it back to Life

I usually don’t have any problem getting rid of stuff. Actually I like it –organize ftw!

But… and there is always a but. I really like the old fashioned cookie tins. So cosy, charming, nostalgic, yeah you get the drift. They are simply great.So why not find a way to reuse cookie tin box?

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So if I can find a way to re-use them, I will. You can always use the tin boxes for all sorts of stuff. Sewing treads, spices, makeup, anything you like.

reuse cookie tin box

But I found out someone had made a tea box out of an old cookie tin, and that was perfect! I needed to re-organize the tea (we drink a lot of tea in the house).

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I used my faithful friend, the paint spray from Panduro –big fan of the vintage series they got. And sprayed my tin box. Then I used some cardboard to make some compartments. It is super-easy, took no time (almost) and I just love the fact that I didn’t have to throw the box away.

Screenshot from

If you have any other brilliant ways to re-use a cookie tin box, please do tell. I have more where it came from…