How to Get Organized -In Your Mind

Get organized -5 easy steps

Find it difficult to get things done? Always feel constant worry and stress? Here are some easy ways to get the job done and get some peace of mind.


Some people are just so amazing, they get so much done and always plan way, way ahead. In some ways I can be good at planning ahead (like when I’m on work), but when it comes to my hobbies and personal projects, I’ts harder. 

I get easily distracted and I want to do it all -now. I always think of the Queen song I Want it All, because that’s have it feels sometimes. I want it all, and I want it now… Can anyone relate?

So what’s really happening is I stress about all the things I’ve should’ve done, but didn’t. It’s not a good feeling, and sometimes you feel like a failure.

Just by not doing «simple» things like cooking a healthy dinner all week. What kind of a monster am I?

So, this is what I’ve learned from many years of postponing and feeling like cr@p because of it.

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1. Kill Your Darlings

Ever heard that expression? I really find it useful since I have so many ideas all the time. I’ve sometimes wondered if I should make this make this my living, to give ideas to others just like a bank of ideas. It never stops, my brain is always creative. So what I’ve learned is that I have to start shutting down the ideas that ain’t the best for me, or have the wrong timing. Things happen little by little.

2. Prioritize

After I’ve killed some of my ideas my next step is to prioritize my goals. Which ones are most important to me (all of them of course), but what do I want to do first? Only one thing at a time. Perhaps it’s starting working out? Or make that website I’ve delayed for months? I start writing down all the things that most be done, and in what order I want it done.

3. Schedule

When I write down what I want done, I start to schedule. I make a deadline and plan how I’m going to reach my goals. Good scheduling is everything, but don’t make it to complicated, be realistic. Allow yourself some time of to be with friends and relax as well. You need to be at a good place to make good things happen. A schedule shouldn’t be stressful, but fun and helpful on your way!

4. Monthly Goals

This is a new things I’ve started doing. I finally got my hands on a whiteboard, that hangs right above my desk. Here I write down the goals I have for the month I’m in. Again, don’t make your goals to hard to reach, that is not very motivational in the future. It’s a constant reminder what I want done during the month and really helps me focus. I will never live without a whiteboard again.

5. Praise Yourself

Always be proud of what you’ve done, even if you didn’t get to do all the things that you planned. You live you learn. And maybe next month you’ll get it all done. Don’t forget that life happens and guilt is such a wasted feeling. Be your own motivator, not criticizer.


I really hope these 5 steps will make it easier for you, and help you get things more organized!