Venus Jupiter conjunction 2017 -Tomorrow it’s happening

Venus Jupiter conjunction 2017

Venus Jupiter conjunction 2017,  what is it?

The Venus Jupiter conjunction 2017 is happening tomorrow November the 13th in the early morning (European time).What this conjuction means is that both planets, Venus and Jupiter will rise above the horizon, following an almost identical path. This will be visible an hour before sunrise.

Venus Jupiter conjunction 2017

Are you a Stagazer? I am! And they say the result is expected to stun both amateur and professional astronomers alike. The gigantic gas planet Jupiter and our nabour Venus will be, despite being some 416 million miles apart, for a brief period it will appear as if the two planets are orbiting the Sun side by side. 

Our Solar System

«The planets, which happen to be two of the brightest in the solar system, will be an astonishing 0.3 degrees apart in the night’s sky. This is equivalent to slightly more than half of the Moon’s diameter.» 

I’m on my way to work around this time, and will definitely not miss this wonderful oppurtunity. So get your geek on!

Photos by: Pixabay