Vintage stores in Copenhagen


Another home city is Copenhagen. I really love this town, and it’s one of my favourite capitals. When I’m back here, it always makes me so proud to be a dane.

 On this map of Central Copenhagen I added numbers, so you’ll know where to find the shops I recommend.

1. Time`s Up (Krystalgade 4)

This is one of Copenhagens most exclusive vintage stores. You can find hidden gems from Dior, Chanel, YSL and many more. You can also order from their website (yay)  VISIT THE OFFICIAL SHOP HERE>>>

2. The Second Way (Studiestrædet 15)


 A small, but very interesting shop. The Second Way is a favourite to many people (and tourists) in Copenhagen.

3. Wasteland (Studiestrædet 19)


Do you love the 80s? Then Wasteland is the place for you? It’s a huge store With many, many clothings from the 80s and 90s.


4. Carmen (Larsbjørnstræde 7)


Carmen is a store I really enjoy. They have a lot of clothing and accessories from the 70s and 80s. Also they have many beautiful silk materials from Japan.

5. FN92 (Larsbjørnstrædet 6)


Want a party gown from the swinging 40s or the rocking 50s? FN.92 has so many beautiful dresses. The Bicycle you see is not vintage, it’s just how the roll in Denmark. I really love their bycycles.

6. Røde Kors Butikk (Vestergade 2B)


Of all the vintage stores in Copenhagen the Danish Red Cross shop is the one I enjoy the most. There are so many different clothings in all sizes and colours. Truly a gem. You’ll also find a lot of clothing and accessories that will fit perfect if you liek that 40s and 50s look.


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