5 easy Kitchen ideas

kitchen ideas

Anyone else struggle with the idea of clutter on the countertop in the kitchen? I do. I really hate a messy kitchen, and always try to find new and better ways to declutter my kitchen countertop.

kitchen ideasPhoto: Pinterest collage

Here are some of the things I’ve learned over the years.

1. Keep it clean

Try, no matter how hard it is to resist filling up the flat surfaces. There is no need for verything out in the open.

2. Always clean up at after yourself

I know. We are tired after work and want to relax, but if we always remove and clean the things we’ve used, your countertop will never look like a mess.

3. Decide what you need

Somethings you might need on the countertop, coffeymachine etc. In our kitchen we always have our teapot ready. But there are many things you can leave in the kitchen cupboards.

4. Match (or mismatch) the right way

To many different styles and designs will make your countertops look messy. To many colours, styles and objects can make your surfaces look like clutter.

5. Give it a tray

Really, when you something on a tray it looks so much better and makes so much more sense. Therefor, I really love the ideas of trays.

For inspiration and ideas I’m a big fan of Pinterest. There are so many creative and clever ways to make your kitchen look much better. Also if your on a budget!