Create Your Own Book

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«Everyone is a writer» they say. Perhaps not true (okay, it’s really not true at all), but many of us wants to write a book. Might not be a novel, but a book to collect your poems, artwork, photography or just write about a specific subject you love.

The DIY-version

No matter what your reason are for making a book, I found these great videos about how to make your own books and adding a hard back.They are really detailed and easy to follow. Sometimes homemade books are so much more charming and beautiful.


The Self-Published version

Also Blurb was recommended to me on Instagram. After searching their website I’m in love, what a fun way to turn your book into print. Want to just make a single copy (or many) for someone (maybe it’s you), family, friends or your business?

You can decide what sort of paper to use, design, layout, if you want it as a book, magazine or e-book. Blurb also help you to sell and distribute your book (you can sell it on Amazon), if that’s what you want! Genius right?

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 Check out there website here>>>