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Terrarium – Create Your Own Green World

What is a terrarium? Instead of a class container holding water (aquarium), a terrarium is (usually) a glass container with soil and plants. And are mostly kept as decorative or ornamental items. The first terrarium was developed by botanist Nathanial Ward in 1842, this to study insect behaviour. Some terrariums are open, others are closed. […]

Christmas gifts – Top 10 homemade presents

christmas gifts

Christmas gifts -December is getting closer Christmas gifts? Already? But, of course! It’s soon December, and that means Christmas is getting closer. I love Christmas, it’s my favourite holiday –ever! It even beats Halloween. Christmas is all about sharing gifts, food, company and joy with all your loved ones. I love everything about it, and […]

DIY Lavender Soap -Relaxing and Natural Soap

DIY Lavender Soap DIY Lavender soap is just so amazing, I really love the scent of lavender. It reminds me of summer in the south of France. Anyways, back to soap, ass you might’ve noticed I just recantly started making soap. Like I’ve said before,  I’ve always been super fascinated by soap. I used to […]

Best Halloween Ideas -2017 Costumes, Decoration, Inspiration

best halloween ideas

Best Halloween ideas 2017 Here is my list for best Halloween ideas (I just love Halloween)! Okay, so I’m not american, Trump will probably not want me in U.S. But as a european with many american friends throughout my childhood, I grew up loving and celebrating Halloween. ALSO READ: DIY Concrete Decorations Kids nowadays celebrates it as […]

DIY Concrete -Cheap, easy, fun and beautiful

DIY Concrete -Solid as a rock DIY Concrete came as a suprise for me as much as any, but boy how fun it is! My dad builds houses. I’ve seen him since childhood work with many materials to build a home. But the foundation (the most important thing) is always made by concrete. Big projects […]

DIY Photostudio -How to take your own professional photos

DIY Photostudio -Take professional photos at home Can I really have my own DIY Photostudio? Short answer is «yes». The longer answer is: We all know the magic of a really good photo. How a photo can sell, inspire and motivate others. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take good photos on you […]

DIY Body Butter -Homemade with 3 ingredients

DIY Body butter DIY body butter with just three ingredients? Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! The best thing about it, this body butter is soooo good. Your skin will thank you -big time! Because it’s just oil and butter -no water, this will last 6 months without any preservatives. This body butter everybody […]