DIY: Decoupage shoes


This is a super easy and fun way to get your own personalized shoes. Before throwing out a pair of shoes, why not give this a try?

These shoes I got as a birthday gift from my friend Therese (check out her Cosplay-site here) and it’s a one of a kind Doctor Who shoes. I love DW, so to me this was so funny and an extremely original gift.

How you make decoupage shoes is so simple and brilliant, use whatever you like. Vintage magazines, illustrations from books, there are so many ways!

Diy: Decoupage shoes
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  1. Paper (magazine) of your choice
  2. PVA Glue (or something simular)
  3. Water
  4. Lacquer (optional)
  1. Mix a solution of equal parts of glue and water in a bowl, add the pieces of paper (which you're already have teared up) in the bowl. Leave them here till they are wet all the way through the paper.
  2. Use sandpaper on the shoes to make it easier for the paper to stick. Then you just start adding the glued paper and make the pattern and style you want. Just make sure you overlap to give it more strength.
  3. When it's dry add a second coat of glue, to make sure the shoes are waterproof you can also use a coat of lacquer.
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