3 reason to stop using soap

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Everytime I hear of women who washes their face with plain, normal soap I get chills, and they’re multiplying. This old, fashioned idea that normal soap is as good as any, is completely wrong.

If you’re guilty of doing this, please stop. Do you want to hurt your skin? Do you want to age even faster? If no, never do this again! Here are the three reasons why soap doesn’t belong on your face.

1. Our skin is acidic

The pH level in our face is from between 5,0-5,6 which means it’s acidic and closer to neutral (that’s 7) on the pH scale. Soap on the other hand is a strong alkaline, with pH levels from 8-10. Soap removes too much from your skin, in other words, all the good natural oils.

2. Your skin will get dry

Because of the high level pH, your skin will become very dry. Even if we wash our hands too much they’ll get dry, so just think of what it does to the delicate skin on your face. Also, dry skin will make lines and wrinkles more visible, and who wants that?

3. You are damaging your skin

As you probably can tell by what’s been said, this is damaging to your skin. Don’t mess too much with what nature has created. Therefor, use cleansing soap that are made for the face, look for the pH levels, and leave the soap bar to your body!