DIY Photostudio -How to take your own professional photos

DIY Photostudio -Take professional photos at home

Can I really have my own DIY Photostudio? Short answer is «yes». The longer answer is: We all know the magic of a really good photo. How a photo can sell, inspire and motivate others. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take good photos on you rown? It’s easier than you think and you can even use your smartphone -how crazy is that! You don’t have to steal (son’t do it) or pay for professianal photos anymore. Take your own amazing photos.

diy photostudio
These photos are not edited, and are taken only with help from two halogen lamps in a dark room. What softens up the pictures are the fabrics in the background.


Here are some tips for you guys who want your own DIY photostudio.

1. Background

A classical mistake when I see amateur photos is a messy background. Make sure the background will bring harmony in the photo. Taking pictures outside is a good advice to those who don’t have a photo studio. But also by using fabrics you can create that professional looking background you’ll see on studio pictures. Colours like white, gray and black are must common.

2. Light

You need a lot of lights, a dark room will not make a good photos. Halogen lamps are often a good way to light up the room, but they can get very warm so be careful.  My best tips: Take advantage of the natural light during the day. Natural light is also a godo choice if you’re using a smartphone.

3. Flash

I am not a big fan of photo flash, at least not the way «most people» are using it. A flash can be a cool effect, lighten up the photos in a wonderful way. But it shouldn’t be the flash that are on your phone or camera. If you have a bought a seperate flash, it will probably take much nicer photos. But again, natural light is amazing in lack of a good flash.

4. Photo editing

Not everyone thinks Photoshop is easy, but there are many easy versions of photo editing programs. I recommend you use one. No matter how good you are, most pictures most be edited afterwards. Sometimes only to adjust constrast and colours, but still, they need editing. Therefor, know thy program.

How to make your own photo studio

If you’re taking product photographes I would recommend that you’ll use a light box. It’s easy to make with a cardboard box and will do wonders on your photos. If you are lazy (like me) buy it cheap pn ebay or amazon. The light boxes they got there are really good. If you want to be more creative, here’s a video that shows you how.

 Halogen lamps like these a great to work with and really brings lots of light to the photos.



 Play aroung, make it fun. And before you know it you’ll be taking professional looking photos yourself!