British Museum –The World’s most famous Museum

british museum

British Museum -The History

British Museum is without a doubt one of the most famous and biggest museums in the World. You’ll find the museum in the heart of London in Great Russel Street in the Bloomsbury area.

british museum

The museum was established in 1753, and largely based on the collections of Sir Hans Sloane. The British Museum was the first ever of it’s kind –it was a national museum. It didn’t belong to church nor king. A museum freely open to the public. The first exhibition galleries and reading room for scholars, opened January 15th in 1759. And the rest is history…

Museum of Cultural History

The architecture of the museum is neo-classical and is cloecly based on the temple of Athena Polias. The museum have (quote) «among the largest and most comprehensive in existence and originates from all continents, illustrating and documenting the story of human culture from its beginnings to the present.»

The National Museum in Copenhagen

The Collection

The collection in this museum is huge! There are over 8 million objects. Among them you’ll find many from Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. The collections also includes prints and drawings, libraries and archives, coins and medals and scientific research. As well as objects from the Middle East, Asia, Africa. Oceania and the Americas, Europe and Britain.

Therefor, it will take a long time to finish this museum. But it’s worth it if you are interested in World history. You will see a collection like no other on this museum. Like parts of the Parthenon Temple, palaeolithic material from Africa and a mummy that might be of Ancients Egypt last pharaoh, Cleopatra.

cleopatra mummy
This might be the mummy of Cleopatra


I am so glad that I did take the time to visit this historic and amazing museum. If you are a museum geek like me, you’ll love it too. The entrance is free and it’s a perfect way to see famous objects, like the Rosetta Stone!

rosetta stone
The Rosetta Stone at the British Museum

Here are some of the many, many, many pictures I took at the museum: