Preus Museum


Preus museum is the national museum of photography in Norway, and the only Norwegian museum to focus on the Norwegian an International history of photography through litterature, images and technical objects.

I love photography. I love the fact that you can capture a moment and keep it forever. I also love the creative side of photography. Where you can make your own world and pretend to be someone else.

At Preus museum the first exhibition was «A History of Photography» that shows us the museum’s own collection and gives insight into photography’s rich history. Everything from black & white to colour and from analog to digital.

You can look into some of the cameras, there is a kaleidoscope you can step into and of course, the camera obscura. Which was normal to use (escpesielly in art) from 1558 and until 1826 when the first camera was invented.

Since I am a big, big, BIG astronomy enthusiast, you get the picture right (pun not intended), I had to see the second exhibition. That was the whole reason for me beeing there. Even though I love photography. «The History of Space Photography» reveals the fantastic variety of outer-space photography from the early 1800s until today.

«On display are the most important images from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries: photographs of the earth from space, photographs of our solar system and the stars, the Milky Way, and the universe far beyond our solar system. In addition, three projected showings of photographs and videos are involved related to the three main divisions of the exhibition.»

Astronomy is said to be the oldest science. We’ve always wondered about the stars, the sun and the moon. And thanks to todays knowledge and amazing technology, we can now see how the universe looks!


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