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Edinburgh Castle – A fortress with many mysteries

Edinburgh Castle -The History Edinburgh Castle stands upon an extinct vulcano, and has been occupied since the late bronze age. But there has been a royal castle on the rock since 12th century in the reign of David I. The castle continued to be a royal residence until 1633. From the 17th century is was […]

Norse Mythology -The Nine Worlds of the Universe

nine worlds

The Nine Worlds -Origin In Norse Mythology, the vikings believed there were nine Worlds in the Universe. The Universe was a huge tree named Yggdrasil, and the different Worlds were in the trees roots and branches of this tree. Each World was the home of different creatures and beeings, the most famous ones are Asgard […]

Top Viking Attractions in Scandinavia

viking attractions

6 Beautiful Viking Attractions Love vikings and want to experience more of the vikings attractions? Their are many, many places in Scandinavia that offers amazing vikings attractions.  These are just some of my favourites, but there are also many I still haven’t been to, so new favourites might come soon. Most of this places have […]

Destination: Kraków – Poland’s finest city


Welcome to Kraków -One of the most beautiful cities in Europe Kraków is one of Polands biggest and oldest towns, and is said to be one of Europes most beautiful cities. Therefor it’s on UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Krakow also were the capital in Poland untill 1596 when Warsawa became the leading city. ALSO READ: […]

Vikings –The History and Mythology of the Norse Barbarians

Vikings –The Story of our forefathers This post I’ve planed for a long, long time to write and I’m so excited to finally publish it. I grew up with stories of the Vikings, I’ve lived right next to several famous Viking sites and studied their way of living at the University. It’s about time to […]

Edinburgh –The Heart of Scotland


Edinburgh -A short walk through history Edinburgh was bound to come on this blog, we travel there all the time, since Alec, my boyfriend is from Scotland. Edinburgh –Dùn Èideann in gaelic, is the second largest city in Scotland (after Glawgow). There are about half a million living in this city, but unlike many other […]

Bærums Verk – The place where time stands still

bærums verk

Bærums Verk – A Walk Through History Bærums Verk started as iron works in 1610 and contiuned untill the 1900th century. The old and historic houses we see today, used to be where the workers lived and produced the iron. It’s nowadays a really picturesque area, with beautiful old houses, parks, art and not to mentioned […]

British Museum –The World’s most famous Museum

british museum

British Museum -The History British Museum is without a doubt one of the most famous and biggest museums in the World. You’ll find the museum in the heart of London in Great Russel Street in the Bloomsbury area. The museum was established in 1753, and largely based on the collections of Sir Hans Sloane. The […]

Nebbursvollen Viking Market -Meet your inner viking

Welcome to Nebbursvollen Viking Market Imagine my suprise when I found Nebbursvollen Viking Market. Not only is it a 10 minute drive from where I live, at was much better than expected! Now it’s officially autumn and most of the Viking markets and Medieval fairs are now over for 2017, so lucky me finding this […]