Daily Skincare Routine


Do you ever get confused by all the skincare products out there? You are not alone. Here is a simple guide, an introduction to skincare.

Some advice before you buy skincare:

1. Young and older skin is not the same, and should therefor not use the same products. Some products are not age-related, but those anti-wrinkle creams for women over 40 you should not use while in your twenties.

2. What is your skin type? Is it dry? Oily? Normal? Big pores? Small pores? Do you have problems with your t-zone? If you’re not sure what skin type you are, seek a professional.

3. Notice what happens to your skin when you eat and drink. Are something making it worse? Better? A healthy diet will make your skin (and hair) better looking.

4. Check the ingredients. Can’t say this enough. Does your skincare include alcohol? Mineral oil? Lanolin? Also you’d want to stay away from parabens and too much perfume. All this ingredients can damage and irritate your skin.

5. High-priced products are always better. Wrong! No, they are not. What makes a product good is the ingredients, not the name of the brand. Sometimes you’ll have to try different skincare products before finding the one you like.

6. This is not something you have to do, but I wish more and more people was aware of this. Please do not support brands that conduct animal testing. Or buy ingredients that are tested on animals. Check out my naughty and nice list here>

Scincare routines

This is what I do every morning and every night (well, almost every day).

Facial cleanser: You need to wash your face. Normal soap will irritate and dry up your skin. You’ll need to clean your the pores on your skin from oil and grease. Water isn’t efficient enough. So yes, you will need a gentle facial cleanser.

Toner/tonic: This you’ll apply after cleansing your skin. Why you do that is because you’ll need to balance the PH level on your skin. Take my advice, don’t buy the toners with alcohol, it will only make your skin more dry and give you pimples.

Serum: This is my favourite skincare product. Serum is amazing, and works wonders on the skin. It also helps your facial cream with the work. It brings out that inner glow everyone are talking about.

Day/Night Cream: Your skin needs lotion. Have you ever looked at dry leather after oiling it? The difference can be huge, and so can the difference be on our skin. Daily moisturizing is really important, not only for the here and now, but will also benefit you later. The main difference between day and night creams are that the day cream isn’t as oily as the night cream. But you’ll need both.

Eye cream: The skin around the eyes are much thinner than the skin on your face. Because of this your skin is more sentitive and need a special cream for this area. They will also help prevent aging and bags under the eyes.

1-2 times a week I’ll also do this:

Peeling/scrub: Dead skin cells needs to be removed. It’s important to exfoliate, but not to often. I wouldn’t recommend it more that once a week.

Face mask: After the face scrub, I like to give my skin an extra treat. A face mask will give my skin much needed nourishing and moisturizing. I usually do this in Sundays, a perfect day to relax and taking care of yourself.

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