Castle Hill Museum

No matter were you are in Tønsberg, you can (almost) always see the Castle Hill and the lonely Tower. The Tower was raised in 1888 when the town celebrated it’s 1000th anniversary. Tønsberg is my hometown and the oldest city in Norway. With such amazing and long history, no wonder it has it’s own museum.

In the 1200th century Tønsberg was at it’s greatest. The Castle stood there with strong and powerful on the hill looking over the sea. Always prepared if the enemies was getting close, surrounded with beautiful nature and a home to many previous Kings and Queens. The first exhibition was called «The Hill and the City» and focused on the this part of the history. The second exhibition «The wars in Vestfold» (the county Tønsberg belongs to).

 As usual The Viking Hall showed it’s artifacts and the viking ship Klåstad. The ship was found in 1970 and therefor is a quite new discovery. In The Whale Hall there are skeltons of several whales, amongst them a great blue whale. I most warn you, the smell is very…distinguished.

The museum is far from my favourite in any way, but you can also visit the Vestfold farms that is right above the museum, just like Castle Hill. You can also visit the Tower and look over the city. Combining all this activities, the museum is really great. So make sure you take time to do it all. And in the museum, make sure you get a guided tour.

 Prices in norwegian krones: V/60,- H/40,- S/40,-B/40,- F/130,-