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How to be More Green -12 easy ways

Want to live a more green lifestyle? To live a more green lifestyle is definitely a better way to live our lives.  After years with little regard to what we are doing to this beautiful planet, things are finally changing (another question we have now are -is it too late?). No matter what the answer […]

Bærums Verk – The place where time stands still

bærums verk

Bærums Verk – A Walk Through History Bærums Verk started as iron works in 1610 and contiuned untill the 1900th century. The old and historic houses we see today, used to be where the workers lived and produced the iron. It’s nowadays a really picturesque area, with beautiful old houses, parks, art and not to mentioned […]

Life with bunnies -how to survive with them!

How is life with bunnies? Life with bunnies: There are many misconceptions about bunnies and how you should treat them, so why not share how life with bunnies really is. I’m so glad that people, including me, are more enlightened these days on how to take the best possible care of their pets.   Usually when […]

Kisserup Beach

It’s hard to believe it’s December and soon Christmas. Especially when I visited Kisserup Beach, (in Northern Zealand, Denmark) last week.  The sun was shining, birds were singing and the soothing waves  from the ocean made this «evening» (hey, it’s getting dark at 4 p.m. in Scandinavia at winter) just magical. I felt so inspired by […]