Terrarium – Create Your Own Green World

What is a terrarium?

Instead of a class container holding water (aquarium), a terrarium is (usually) a glass container with soil and plants. And are mostly kept as decorative or ornamental items.

The first terrarium was developed by botanist Nathanial Ward in 1842, this to study insect behaviour. Some terrariums are open, others are closed.

Closed ones are perfect for tropical plants that requieres more humid and sheltered surroundings.

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DIY terrarium ideas

There is no doubts, terrariums are very beautiful and decorative in your home or garden. You can make it in any style and theme as you like.

Want to add some crystals and a tiny buddha, to make it more zen? Add fairies? Tiny village? Jungle? Castle?

There are so many great ideas!

Printscreen from my Terrarium Board


Closed terrarium

If you chose a closed container, you should only need to water in once, and the ecosystem would maintain the rest. Plants you should use for this are moss, orchids, ferns and begonias.


Open terrarium

In the open version succulent plants, airplants and other green plants that don’t requiere a lot of water.

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How to build a terrarium:

Fill the bottom of the container with small rocks, then the soil. Add the plants and water and maybe top it off with some moss?


Then the fun part (if you want), decorate with whatever you like, more rocks? Items? Lights? Seriously, it never ends, it is really that fabulous!

If you want some more inspiration I’ve added many photos on my pinterest board.

Photos by: Pixabay