World’s End


On the island Tjøme (from the old norse name Tjúma) you’ll find World’s End.

World’s End (The End of the World) lies at the southern tip of the island. It’s a very popular destination in the summer and has for years been visited by tourists.

Why it’s called World’s End is a mystery, because it’s not even at the end of the coastline in Norway. How it’s originated is unknown, but it’s a very beautiful place.

As you can see these photos were taken in the summer, nothing beats Scandinavian summer at it’s best. Beautiful blue sky, fresh breeze and the heat. It’s a perfect combination.

Ever in Vestfold? Tjøme and World’s End (Verdens Ende) is worth a visit.

The road down to the sea
Verdens Ende means World’s End in norwegian
Scandinavian coastal archipelago is truly magical
I bet they have a beatiful view
World’s End
Dressed like a hippie freak
The tip of the island