Got Bad Skin?-Find your breakout areas


Bad skin can really do something to our self esteem. After my studies in natural medicine and skincare, I really want to share some interesting knowledge I’ve learned.

Bad skin can happen to anyone at anytime, therefor it’s important to learn what our skin is telling us. This discovery of face mapping has roots from the Eastern traditions of face mapping. Your skin is the largest organ and can tell us a lot about what’s happening on the inside. Therefor, always pay attention to what’s happening on your skin, it’s your bodies way to communicate with you.

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This simple face mapping can tell you what’s happening in the inside and why you have different reactions in. I also know that some of you that have breakouts has different issues, this face mapping is only true in some cases.

If you experience any pain, scrathing or odd breaksouts,  I would recommend that you get in touch with a dermatologist or a doctor. Sooner rather than later.

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I find this map of breakout areas really useful, and hope you’ll like it too.

bad skin
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Areas you’ll get bad skin

1. On your forehead: Breakout on your forehead are often telling you need much more sleep. Or that you might feel stressed out.

2. Above the eyebrows: This is the area that is affected by your immune system. When you feel better, this area will usually also look better.

3. Between the brows: Between the brows are very normal if you eat much unhealthy food, or if you have some food allergy. To cut back on sugar, fat, dairy and alcohol, might do the trick.

4. On your cheeks: It’s linked to your respiratory system. Polluted air, smoking etc can cause breakouts here.

5. The chin area: Your chin area is usually affected by hormons, that may occur around the time of your period.