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DIY Lavender Soap -Relaxing and Natural Soap

DIY Lavender Soap DIY Lavender soap is just so amazing, I really love the scent of lavender. It reminds me of summer in the south of France. Anyways, back to soap, ass you might’ve noticed I just recantly started making soap. Like I’ve said before,  I’ve always been super fascinated by soap. I used to […]

Anti-Wrinkle Balm -Get Your Recipe Here!

Anti-wrinkle balm This anti-wrinkle balm is something you can use in the entire face and around the eyes. The ingredients in it are helping to reduce wrinkles, amazing right? Who doesn’t like the idea of getting those lines and wrinkle away? Even if you are in your twenties, you might like to get a hold in […]

Got Bad Skin?-Find your breakout areas


Bad skin can really do something to our self esteem. After my studies in natural medicine and skincare, I really want to share some interesting knowledge I’ve learned. Bad skin can happen to anyone at anytime, therefor it’s important to learn what our skin is telling us. This discovery of face mapping has roots from the Eastern […]