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Formaldehyde -The secret ingredient that makes your cosmetics toxic

What it formaldehyde? Formaldehyde are used as preservaties in a wide range of beauty and cosmetics. In cosmetics like hair products, moisturizers and nail products etc. This is a positive ingredient for the developers and brand, it means the product can be longer on the shelf, and saves therefor the business money. ALSO READ:  Mineral […]

DIY Body Butter -Homemade with 3 ingredients

DIY Body butter DIY body butter with just three ingredients? Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! The best thing about it, this body butter is soooo good. Your skin will thank you -big time! Because it’s just oil and butter -no water, this will last 6 months without any preservatives. This body butter everybody […]

Anti-Wrinkle Balm -Get Your Recipe Here!

Anti-wrinkle balm This anti-wrinkle balm is something you can use in the entire face and around the eyes. The ingredients in it are helping to reduce wrinkles, amazing right? Who doesn’t like the idea of getting those lines and wrinkle away? Even if you are in your twenties, you might like to get a hold in […]