Bøkeskogen in Larvik was founded as a landscape protection area in 1980 to preserve one of Norways classic beech forrests. It is also Norways largest beech forest.

Bøkeskogen has some places were it looks like something out of the The Lord of the Rings. You almost want to go look for elves.  

Since 1800th hundreds Bøkeskogen has been a natural gathering point for the people in Larvik. For decades it has been arrenged concerts and entertainment in these woods.

There are burial mounds dated back all the way  to the iron age (800-950 AD), also known as the viking age here in Scandinavia. There are  83 grave-mounds  in total, it’s the largest collection in the county of Vestfold. Not much is left after centuries and grave robbers. But four male graves and one woman has been located. Also weapons, tools and jewellery have been found.