Nordic Viking Festival

This weekend (4-6. of July) I was at the Nordic Viking Festival in Borre, Norway. A viking fair like no others I’ve been to in ages. So much to see from dusk till dawn.

Approxamently 700 viking enthusiast from all over the World is gathered in Borre to recreate a bloody, exciting and important part of our history here in Scandinavia.

The viking festival is close to Borre beach and the old viking burial mounds. 150 viking tents with people in all ages dressed as vikings. It was like traveling back in time. Truly magical.

On the marked you could buy anything from jewellery to food (a viking is got to eat, right?). Craftsmanships in all historical genres was represented, so many talented and wonderful people gathered.

Also the replicas of the viking ships from Tønsberg (Gaia Oseberg) and Sandefjord (Gaia) was at the harbour and you could take a short ride on this ships.

Excellent entertainment all the way, and a wonderful way to spend the weekend. I was of course dressed as a viking. Can’t wait till next time.


Prices: A/120,- C/60,- People dressed as vikings/0,-

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