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Norse Mythology -The Nine Worlds of the Universe

nine worlds

The Nine Worlds -Origin In Norse Mythology, the vikings believed there were nine Worlds in the Universe. The Universe was a huge tree named Yggdrasil, and the different Worlds were in the trees roots and branches of this tree. Each World was the home of different creatures and beeings, the most famous ones are Asgard […]

Top Viking Attractions in Scandinavia

viking attractions

6 Beautiful Viking Attractions Love vikings and want to experience more of the vikings attractions? Their are many, many places in Scandinavia that offers amazing vikings attractions.  These are just some of my favourites, but there are also many I still haven’t been to, so new favourites might come soon. Most of this places have […]

Nebbursvollen Viking Market -Meet your inner viking

Welcome to Nebbursvollen Viking Market Imagine my suprise when I found Nebbursvollen Viking Market. Not only is it a 10 minute drive from where I live, at was much better than expected! Now it’s officially autumn and most of the Viking markets and Medieval fairs are now over for 2017, so lucky me finding this […]

Oseberg Burial Mound

Not far from where I grew up in Tønsberg, actually right behind my old school you’ll find Oseberg burial mound. Since I lived this close to this amazing place, the viking history and traditions was something I learned about from an early age. The Oseberg burial mound (in norwegian: Oseberghaugen) contained numerous grave goods and […]


The county of Vestfold (south of Oslo) has a long history with vikings. During the viking age (the period from 793 AD to 1066 AD) in Vestfold cities were established and a new civilisation grew strong and stronger. The viking history isn’t just a brutal one, with raids and Conquest as one usually thinks of. They were also great explorers and traders. West […]


In Viksfjorden, right outside Larvik, you’ll find Kaupangkilen. Kaupang is considered to be the first town in Norway, and about 800 A.D. the city had  approximately 500 inhabitants. Kaupang is also known by the name Skiringssal. After the year 950 A.D. the city slowly disappeared and during the medieval times there wasn’t a town here anymore. Why it disappeared is unknown […]