DIY: Makeup Remover


Even in makeup removers there are many chemicals and ingredients you should not use. At all. Making your own is so easy, and removes even waterproof mascara (not that you should be using that a lot). So why not do it? It’s also much less expensive to make your own.

Okay, this recipe is very simple to make. It’s only three ingredients you need. 

1. Distilled water

2. Oil 

3. Soap

Soap may seen weird, but it’s an ingredients that you’ll find in any makeup remover. Castile soap is the purest soap you’ll find. But if you don’t have it or find it to expensive you can use baby shampoo or intimate hygiene soap. Use something that is as gentle to your skin as possible. 


Here is the recipe. 

Diy: Makeup Remover
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  1. Oil, distilled water and soap
  1. Half and half, with oil and water, then add some drops of soap. How much depends on your bottle. The oil is hydrophobic, so it will not mix with the water. Therefor shake before use.
  1. Oils you can use is olive, jojoba, almond etc. As for water you can also use aloe vera water, and any other filtered water. I do recommend castile soap, but if you don't have any, you can use intimate hygiene soap or baby soap. Just make sure it is gentle to your skin.
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