DIY: Luxurious Day Cream

day cream

To make your own organic, fresh and animal friendly day cream is really easy to do. It’s not that much ingredients required and it feels so good for the skin.

This day cream is light and has a fresh, wonderful minty scent. The only thing you should know is that making your own creams and lotions is that it won’t stay fresh that long. make sure your not making to much cream just to through it out after 2 months.

To help the creams to stay fresh longer keep it in the refrigerator. It’s really soothing when the day cream is a bit cold. Other than that, this is fun. You really can’t make to many mistakes with this, as long as the oils and water have the same temperature when you mix them together.

Here’s my recipe

Diy: Luxurious Day Cream
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  1. 1/4 cup organic oil ( I would recommend olive oil)
  2. 1/4 cup organic sweet almond oil
  3. 1/4cup organic jojoba oil
  4. 1/16 cup organic coconut oil
  5. 1/16 cup beeswax pastilles (for a vegan version, use carnauba wax)
  6. 1 cup distilled water (I use mint water, gives a fresh scent to the day cream)
  7. 1/2 cup organic aloe vera gel
  8. 1/4 tsp vitamin E oil (a punctured capsule should be perfect)
  9. 8-15 drops of essential oil (lavender, rose, orange, whatever scent you like)
  1. Blend the oils together in a stainless steel or glass saucepan, and warm on very low heat; the oils should be warmed through, but not be allowed to really heat up. then add the wax pastilles until they’ve melted completely.
  2. Take your distilled water and the aloe vera gel, and combine them gently in a bowl. And add it to the heated oils (make sure everything has the same temperature). Mix it in the blender untill it has a white, creamy finish (it should thicken a lot). When this is done you'll add the essential oils and E-vitamin.
What you need
  1. Measuring cups
  2. Measuring spoons
  3. rring implements Glass or stainless steel bowls
  4. Glass or stainless steel saucepans
  5. A double-boiler
  6. A blender or food processor
  7. Clean jar
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