Norse Mythology -The Nine Worlds of the Universe

nine worlds

The Nine Worlds -Origin

In Norse Mythology, the vikings believed there were nine Worlds in the Universe. The Universe was a huge tree named Yggdrasil, and the different Worlds were in the trees roots and branches of this tree.

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Each World was the home of different creatures and beeings, the most famous ones are Asgard -The home of the gods and goddessess and Midgard the home of humans.

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The Nine Worlds that made the Norse Universe:

nine worlds
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The Upper Worlds

Asgard -The World of the Gods

Asgard is the home of the gods (Aesir) and goddesses (Asynjur). In Asgard the ruler is the god Odin. Inside the gates of Asgard is Valhalla. Valhalla was the place the vikings believed to go in the afterlife.

To be worthy of entering Valhalla you had to die in battle, those who didn’t go to Valhalla, went to Folkvangr.

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Vanaheim -The World of Vanir

The Vanir gods are ancient gods, and masters of sorcery and magic. They can predict the future. Nobody really knows where this World is located on the Yggdrasil.

When the war between Vanaheim and Asgard ended, the god Njord, with his children Freya and Freyr moved to Asgard.

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Alfheim -The World of the Light Elves

Alfheim is in the heaven, close to Asgard. The light elves are beautiful and minor gods of nature and fertility.

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The light elves are considered guardian angels, and they often help the humans with their knowledge and magical powers. They many times gave inspiration through art and music


The Middle Worlds

Midgard -The World of Humans

Midgard means «middle earth», and was found in the middle on the Yggdrasil. Midgard is below Asgard, and they are connected by the rainbow bridge –Bifrost.

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The human World is surrounded by a huge ocean, and in this ocean you’ll find the sea creature -The Midgard Serpent. This serpent encirceled Midgard, biting it’s own tail.

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Jotunheimen -The World of Giants

Jotuns, also enemies of Asgard, were giants and the World was made by the corpse of the first giant –Ymir. Jotunheimen is mostly rocks and mountains.

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There is a love-hate relationship between Asgard and Jotunheimen. The god Loki was originally from Jotunheimen but lived with the gods in Asgard. Mimir’s well of wisdom is to be found in this World.

Svartalfheimen -The World of the Dwarves

Svartalfheimen is the home of the dwarves, that lived under rocks and underground. Hreidmar is the king of this World.

The dwarves were masters of craftmanship, Thor’s magical hammer Mjolne, is a great example of this.

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The Lower Worlds

Niflheim -The World of Mist

This is the coldest and darkest World, full of ice and mist. This World was also the first one, also called the land of the dead, and it’s placed in North.

The eldest of the three wells -the Hvergelmir, is located in Niflheim and protected by a huge dragon named Nidhug. Yggdrasil stretched one of the roots into this World and drew water from this well.

Muspelheim -The World of Fire

This World was created in South, and is a burning, hot World. Filled with lava, flames and soot, it’s said to be the home of the fire giants and demons.

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The ruler of Muspelheim is the giant Sutr, he is an enemy of the Aesir and will attcack Asgard when Ragnarok starts. Asgard will then turn to an inferno.

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Helheim -The World of the Dead

This was the home of the dishonorable dead. Thieves, murderers and those not worthy of Valhalla or Folkvangr, came to Helheim. This World is rules by the evil goddess Hel.

Helheim is a dark, cold and unhappy place. When Ragnarok comes, Hel will use all the dead to attack Asgard, and be the end of the Worlds.

These are the nine worlds of Norse Cosmic.





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