Top Viking Attractions in Scandinavia

viking attractions

6 Beautiful Viking Attractions

Love vikings and want to experience more of the vikings attractions? Their are many, many places in Scandinavia that offers amazing vikings attractions. 

The Viking Museum and habour in Roskilde

These are just some of my favourites, but there are also many I still haven’t been to, so new favourites might come soon.

Most of this places have viking markets and festiva during the summer, so I would really recommend you go in summer, and remember to check out the websites for more details and program.

1. The Museum of Foteviken -Sweden

This viking town is an archaeological open-air museum, and is located by the Höllviken beach. In fact it’s the only reconstructed Viking town in the World.

Faximile of the museums website

See viking and how they lived for over a thousand years ago. This area was also one of the biggest trading sites in the viking period. It’s also said that Harald Bluetooth established a habrour here for his war fleet.

In the museum you can buy everything from books to replica objetcs.

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The village also rents small cottages of you want to stay in the Viking town for longer.

Visit their webiste here


2. Runriket in Stockholm -Sweden

It’s in the Stockholm region they have the highest density of runestones in the World. Runriket gives you tour in the are around Vallentuna lake.

Photo: Pixabay

Runriket is located at Jarlabankes bro with an information centre, outdoor exhibition, experience park and a reconstruction of the Viking Age monument.  


If you are in the Stockholm area at the time, they soon open a new viking attraction -Viking life. Read more about it here.

Visit their website here

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3. Trelleborg -Denmark

This is one of 3 round fortresses in Denmark. It’s reconstructed on the original site, it’s free entrance and actually is a site experimental archaeology.

Photo by: The National Museum of Denmark

It in Slagelse, which is not far from where I was born in Denmark, and really close to where my dad and stepmother lives.

The fortress was built by the king, Harald Bluetooth in ca. 980.

It’s only opened from spring to autumn, but I would always recommend this places in summer.

Visit their website here



4. Ribe -Denmark

In Ribe they have reconstructed viking life the oldest town in Denmark, and one of the oldest viking towns in Scandinavia.

Take the animated tour of Ribe and how it all began on their website

In ribe you can experience authentic viking environment and history. You’ll see a viking ship at the docks and feel how this centre brings alive the glory of the Viking age.

You’ll meet craftsmen and traders, there is also an international viking market in Ribe.

Visit their website here


5. Borre -Norway

Midgard historical centre in Borre is locacted in Vestfold, one of the counties with much burial findings from the Viking age.

Oseberg was one of the findings from this area.

Borre has one of the Northern Europe’s largest assembly of monumental grave mounds. Next to the mounds you’ll find a museum, and The Viking Hall. This hall is absolutely spectacular and beautiful.

The hall is a unique reconstruction of a great mead hall like the ones in the Viking age.

Visit their website here


6. The Viking Museum in Oslo -Norway

The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo has one of the World’s best preserved Viking ships and findings from viking tombs.

The Oseberg Ship

The adventure film «The Vikings Alive» is screened all day on the ceilings and walls inside of the museum.

There are three big ships, Tune, Gokstad and the most famous of them all -Oseberg.


If you are a big fan of Viking history, I would truly recommend this museum, even though there is no open-air parts.

Visit their website here