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The Christmas House in Drøbak

Treegaarden -The Christimas house in Drøbak This Christmas house in Drøbak 25 min. South of Oslo) is absolutely wonderful. It’s an open Christmas attraction all year, but nothing is more magical than to be there in December. If the Christmas spirit was lost, you’ll find it here. Children from all over the World Writes to Santa […]

Christmas gifts – Top 10 homemade presents

christmas gifts

Christmas gifts -December is getting closer Christmas gifts? Already? But, of course! It’s soon December, and that means Christmas is getting closer. I love Christmas, it’s my favourite holiday –ever! It even beats Halloween. Christmas is all about sharing gifts, food, company and joy with all your loved ones. I love everything about it, and […]

The Co-Operative Village

The Co-operative Village Nyvang (in danish: Andelslandsbyen Nyvang) in Denmark is in many ways like the open-air museums in The Old Town in Århus, Frilandmuseet and The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History in Oslo. 24 houses and buildings stands in this village showing us how the life was lived in Denmark about a 100 years ago. In The Co-operative […]

Christmas in Tivoli 2014

If you are in Copenhagen in November or December, do not miss the chance to see Tivoli’s Christmas Gardens. With all it’s lights, Christmas markets and entertainment. And yes, all the carousels and rides are open during this event. From mid-November Tivoli opens their big gates and welcomes you, and really helps you get into […]

Christmas Market

Christmas markets are a real popular thing this season in Europe. In Copenhagen, or Scandinavia for that sake, it’s a perfect atmosphere for a Christmas market. In Copenhagen there are several exhibitions and markets in December. There’s a market in Nyhavn, Kultorvet Square, Fredriksberg, Christiania and of course Højbro Plads which is right next to […]