Tomb Rose Garden


Roses are one of my favourite flowers and always have been. They smell amazing and look so beautiful, in every colour (even though pink and white seems to be a favourite). So when I get a chance to visit a big rose garden, I’ll take it.

In 1680 Tomb farm was one of the twelve mansions in Smaalenene county. Unfortunately there are no buildings left from this era. The only thing standing is a storehouse from the 1840s.
Now Tomb has it’s beautiful rose garden, actually it’s  Norways biggest collection of modern roses, as well as a nice selection of historical roses and some wild species. . The inspiration is the traditional english garden and it’s very romantic with it’s ponds, garden bridges and chestnut trees. On the contrary to the controlled baroque gardens, this rose park is more free and natural.

The park have most likely looked more baroque in the «mansion days» than how it was layed out from the 1800s (and the way it looks now).

In Tomb Rose Garden there are about 350 different types of roses and 1900 rose bushes. They usually blossom from June to October. The best time to visit the garden is in July till mid-August.

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