Edinburgh –The Heart of Scotland


Edinburgh -A short walk through history

Edinburgh was bound to come on this blog, we travel there all the time, since Alec, my boyfriend is from Scotland.


Edinburgh –Dùn Èideann in gaelic, is the second largest city in Scotland (after Glawgow). There are about half a million living in this city, but unlike many other smaller capitals, this one offers a lot!

The town can be divided in two parts, old town and new town (both are on the UNESCO World Heritage Site). Edinburgh shows evidence of habitants as long as 900 BC, but has served as the capital of Scotland since 1437. There is a long and bloody history in Edinburgh. That’s why they say it’s one of Europes most haunted cities.

Old Town

The name might give it away, but this is the oldest part of Edinburgh. Even to this day the area has preserved many of it’s medieval street plan. The main street, that runs through old town is called The Royal Mile. Here you’ll find so many pubs, taverns, souvenir shops and attractions. Some buildings date from the 16th century. By the top of The Royal Mile is Edinburgh Castle. Just this attraction will take many hours as you walk amongst history.

The view of Old Town from Camera Obscura

In The Old Town there are many ghost walks (I truly recommend this). Both history and a chance to get a fright! Nothing beats that! The Old Town also shows you the smallest pub in Scotland -The Halfway House. My God, it was wee!

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New Town

You have the medieval-looking old town, with St. Giles and the castle, and then it’s The New Town. Don’t think this town is by any means new, it’s not. It’s in the central area of the town, and is considered a masterpieace of city planning! It was built between 1767-1850. which we can tell by the neo-classical and Georgian architecture.

The park between the old town and new town! See? It’s not always raining in Scotland!

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The main road, Princess Street is facing Edinburgh Castle and The Old Town. In The New Town you’ll find many fashion stores, amazing restaurants and fun city life.

On the left you’ll see The Scott Monument

It’s also home to The Scott Monument, The National Gallery and several other museums. If you love shopping, this is the area were you’ll find the shopping malls. Princess Mall, The Waverley Railway Station and of course House of Fraser are here.

Top 10 Attractions

There are so many things to do and look at in Edinburgh. And as we go back every year, we always discover something new. But these attractions you’ll need to see:

  1. Edinburgh Castle
  2. The Scottish Parliament
  3. The Scott Monument
  4. The High Kirk of St. Giles
  5. Arthur’s SeatMe on top of Arthur’s Seat (this is actually an old vulcano)
  6. The National Gallery of ScotlandMy first time using the panorama effect -the building to the right is the National Gallery
  7. The Palace of Holyroodhouse
  8. The National Museum of Scotland
  9. The Camera Obscura camera obscuraMe at The Camera Obscura! I’ve seem to have lost my body! Many strange things take place in Edinburgh!
  10. Calton Hill

Want to go to Edinburgh or have any questions about the city? Please ask me! I really love this town, but tried to keep this post as «tourist friendly» as possible!

More photos from Edinburgh:


Photos by: Me and Pixabay