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Edinburgh –The Heart of Scotland


Edinburgh -A short walk through history Edinburgh was bound to come on this blog, we travel there all the time, since Alec, my boyfriend is from Scotland. Edinburgh –Dùn Èideann in gaelic, is the second largest city in Scotland (after Glawgow). There are about half a million living in this city, but unlike many other […]

Oscarsborg Fortress -The fortress who fought the nazis

Oscarsborg Fortress’ history Oscarsborg fortress is situated on two small (and beautiful) islets in the Oslofjord. It’s very close to the small town of Drøbak (where Santa Claus lives, he’s even got a house there). Yay. Anyways, Oscarsborg has been a part of norwegian military history since the 1700th century. But the fortress we see […]

Akershus Castle

Akershus Fortress is located in the heart of Oslo, next to Aker Brygge (the harbour) and The City Hall. Akershus fortress has a long history, many well-known historic figures and there are also many exciting ghost stories. The Fortress is open for audience all year, and still has some military bases here. In the summer […]