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The idea of making your own line of perfumes and getting a signature scent, is not impossible at all. Yes, making your own perfume is not as hard as one might think. And since I am addicted to perfumes, I was really excited about making my own.

So, what do you need to make a perfume? For my perfumes I used alcohol, destilled water, etheric oils, some steril (empty of course) perfume bottles, coffey filter and a pipette (for the oils and water). The alcohol I used was vodka, because of the clear colour and the anonymous smell. Destilled water is cleaned/steril water (so do not use tap water) and you can buyt it at a pharmacy etc.

Now the important part, the oils. What you chose depends and what kind of scents you like. But remember, every perfume most have three levels of scents. The deepest scents will be your base (like white roses, sandeltree). The second level can be oils from geranium, vanilla, lavender, ylang ylang or citrus fruits (if you like a fresh scent). On the top level, there is the scents that will stay for the shortest while. Here you can use roses, jasmin, cherry blossoms, lilies and other sweet flowers. As I`ve said before, it`s your choice when it comes to the oils. But try to mix sweets with fresh, to make it more rich.

How much of each ingredients do you use? There are no exact measures, much depends on how strong the scents are from the oils. But there is 15-30% etheric oils, 60-80% alcohol and 5-10% destilled water.

Now, I would recommend you mix the oils together, before adding the alcohol, after the vodka is in, it`s hard to smell anything else the first hours. When oils and alcohol are mixed together, let it stand in a dark, cold place for two days. When two days have passed you may add the destilled water and again, leave it be for the next two days. Then it is ready for the steril new perfume bottle, let the fluids run through the coffey filter and now you have made yourself a perfume.

I personally added a bit of natural food colour, to make one of my perfumes pink. It is so much fun making your own perfume, and the scent is actually good! Who knew?




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