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Nebbursvollen Viking Market -Meet your inner viking

Welcome to Nebbursvollen Viking Market Imagine my suprise when I found Nebbursvollen Viking Market. Not only is it a 10 minute drive from where I live, at was much better than expected! Now it’s officially autumn and most of the Viking markets and Medieval fairs are now over for 2017, so lucky me finding this […]

Destination: Tallinn

Tallinn -Promises, promises «Given its age (over 800 years old) and its fascinating history, Tallinn is chalk-full of sights, museums and countless stories to help you pass the time rather interestingly.» Well, so they say. Facts: Estonia (Eesti) is a country in the Baltic region in the North-East part of Europe, right next to Russia. […]

Akershus Castle

Akershus Fortress is located in the heart of Oslo, next to Aker Brygge (the harbour) and The City Hall. Akershus fortress has a long history, many well-known historic figures and there are also many exciting ghost stories. The Fortress is open for audience all year, and still has some military bases here. In the summer […]

Tønsberg Medieval Festival

It seethes with life all year in Tønsberg area. Are you interested in medieval, Viking, whaling history or old archival treasures, we recommend a visit to the Vestfold museums. Most of all Castle Hill. Every year, early summer they arrange a medieval festival that truly is amazing. Here’s some photos from my stay in 2013. […]